An Allentown Roofers Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Color

There are many factors that impact curb appeal, and choosing a roof color that complements your home’s design is an important consideration. At different times of day, the color of a building’s roof may have a significant impact on its appearance. Whether you live in the city or the country, the landscape surrounding your home will influence the colors you choose for your roof, so keep that in mind. The following advice from local Allentown roofers, American Construction & Roofing, might help you pick the right color for your home’s roof.

Don’t Align the Color of Your Roof with the Exterior of Your House

Choose a roof color that contrasts with the paint on your property. If you’re going to be in PA during the summer, stick with light, airy hues. Dark grey or black, whether it’s in solid hues or varied tones, can approximate the appearance of actual slate tiles on a Colonial or Victorian-style home, while brown can suggest the appearance of true wood shake construction.

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Concentrate on Your Home’s Standard Features

During the day, bright hues like red and yellow appear more vibrant. They convey a sense of closeness to nature, too. You may also go around your neighborhood to see if there are any houses that resemble yours. Analyze the hues of their roofs, side by side. Decide for yourself which one you’d like to see during the day. Roofing contractors in Allentown, Pennsylvania, may build an asphalt shingle-style roof like yours in earthy tones to fit your home. In addition, we have asphalt shingles available, and they come in a vast palette of colors.

GAF’s Virtual Home Remodeler Can Help

You may also utilize GAF’s online home remodeling tool to mix GAF shingle designs and colors with siding, trim, and doors to build your dream house. It lets you examine how different shingle roofs and colors appear on pre-uploaded home images. You may also use a picture of your own house as a test subject. Try it out and have some fun!

Engage a Reliable Roofer in Allentown

In addition to skilled roof repair, we have decades of experience in selecting the perfect color for your home’s roof. Allentown roofers like American Construction & Roofing can take care of the aesthetics of your property. As a team, we have over 30 years of expertise and an excellent track record. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (610) 628-9714 for a free roof replacement quote.