What Are The Characteristics Of The Best Allentown Roofers?

Great Allentown roofers have extensive knowledge and expertise, a track record of providing high-quality installation services, and unsurpassed customer service. However, beneath these abstract traits, there are a few things you should look into to ensure you are using a reputable company, such as American Construction & Roofing.  Some of the most important criteria to consider are listed below.


No matter how wonderful their offer seems, you should never choose an Allentown roofing contractor that cannot provide proof of licensure in the state of Pennsylvania. A contract with an unlicensed roofer has no legal significance and will not protect you. You will almost certainly wind up paying for subpar treatments and will be unable to pursue an insurance claim. Examine our BBB rating to ensure that we are in good standing!


Professional Allentown roofers use the best tools and materials for your roofing needs!

Allentown roofers must hold liability insurance as well as workers’ compensation coverage; otherwise, you risk being sued. The roofing contractor you’re evaluating should have no problem providing you with evidence of current and valid insurance coverage without delay.


Local Allentown roofing contractors are preferable since they are part of your community, have a reputation to uphold, and will respond faster if you have a roof emergency. Furthermore, the majority of a local roofing company’s projects are in your area, making it simple to check on them and determine whether they meet your standards.

The Most Preferred Allentown Roofers

American Construction & Roofing is a full-service home construction firm in Eastern Pennsylvania that specializes in roofing and renovation. Our team has over 30 years of expertise and a proven track record of producing high-quality work. We like constructing home elements that we are proud of and building long-term connections with you. Contact us now to schedule a free home estimate.