Allentown Roofers: Guide for DIY Roof Repair

According to professional Allentown roofers, when you’re removing and/or replacing damaged roof shingles, extreme caution is required. If you discovered a leak coming from your roof, mold near the ceiling, or slab infiltration, you will need to identify the cause of the problem in order to properly repair it. If you need assistance from a professional roofer, contact American Construction and Roofing, they employ GAF Certified roofers meaning you will get the best roof installation and repair services. For those of you brave DIY’ers, keep reading for roof repair tips.

Special Hints for Doing It Right the First Time

 The height of the roof is one factor to consider. It would be prudent to add a safety rope in the event of sliding and falling. When it comes to the weight of the load being hoisted onto the roof, you may want to build tiny loads to lift to the roof in order to maintain your balance. You also want to avoid damaging the shingles or any equipment being hoisted to the roof, so make a few additional trips if necessary.

Be Careful

Working on the roof or standing on the shingles during or when wet is not advised. The wind might sometimes be problematic too. You should strengthen the roof extension that extends beyond the eaves with a liner or tiles tied together with tying wire. Put down a board or a ladder so you do not have to walk on the shingles.

Remember, the gutters are incapable of supporting or maintaining the roof. They are just there to catch, collect, and direct the surplus rain on the roof away from the home.

Act Quickly

When dealing with significant roofing issues, you must respond quickly, especially if your roof is buckling as a result of excess water flowing into your home. If water enters the property, keep in mind that electric outlets and lights such as ceiling fans and chandeliers can be lethal. To turn off the light when it is wet, the off switch must be flipped, since this might cause short circuits throughout the home. If this is the case, call an electrician right once or insulate the outlet(s) until the damage can be rectified.

When the shingles come undone as a result of severe rains and storms, this is a fairly common problem. When assembling the roof, there are suggestions for acceptable slopes and shingles. When your property is subjected to severe winds or has a steep roof slope, it is important to strengthen the shingles. It is possible that the roof leak was caused by improper installation.

Never tread on the shingles or climb on the roof while it is wet and there is a lot of leaking from the rain because you might fall through any soft areas that require significant roof repairs. Termites can eat the timber framework and cause tile displacement. Look for signs of rot in the attic and drooping in the roof.

If you remove the shingles manually, keep in mind that they overlap, with the top of the roof being the highest point of the overlaps and the lower sections of the roof being the shingles tucked beneath the tiles above it. If the shingles were properly placed, as described above, it is preferable to begin removing them from the top to the bottom. Of course, begin just where you intend to renovate.

Clean Your Gutters

Dirty and blocked-up gutters can also be a source of leaks and seepage. That is a straightforward answer to the problem. Simply clean up the dirt and leaves. Remove any other sorts of impediments that may create water runoff. Keep an eye out for sharp gutters and leads. In addition, heights might be hazardous. When climbing and conducting work near the gutters and the roof, take special care to maintain your balance.

Watch Out For Mold

 Mold can be caused by water damage from a leaking roof. Mold damage can have serious health consequences. If the task is too large, call professional Allentown roofing contractors and receive a free estimate for our work. If money is an issue, ask about financing options. Safety is essential, so always be cautious, and best of luck! 

We’re Certified Allentown Roofers

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