3 Ways a New Roof Could Save You Money

Like most large home renovation projects, homeownersshould see a new roof as an investment. Your roof defends your household from severe weather, so it’s extremely important to keep your roof in sound condition. Even though a roof replacement is one of the more costly renovationsyou can do to your home, Lehigh Valley Roofers know there are numerous ways that a new roofing system can put money back into your wallet.

  1. Increase Protection
    Over the last decade, shingles have had anotable increase in wind rating. Shingle ratings topped out at 65 mph during the 90’s, while today they are often rated up to 120mph and can even be found with ratingsup to 130 mph. Anew roof is going to provide greater protection from the harsh elements and can help save time and moneyon minor repair calls to Lehigh Valley Roofing Contractors.
  2. Better Moisture Protection
    There is a layer beneath your shingles that increases protection which is called the underlayment. The underlayment that is available today is superior at defending the wood beneath your shingles. Having this added layer of defense can sometimes save you cash on your homeowner’s insurance.
  3. Insurance Savings
    Houses with a roof that is out of code will be charged premiums by insurance companies. Installing a new roof can bring you back up to code and considerably decrease your rates. Plus, roofers in Lehigh Valley PA say that your family is much safer dwelling in a roof that adheres to current safety codes.

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