3 Lehigh Valley Home Updates worth doing

If you own a home you may or may not know the importance of knowing your local Lehigh Valley Roofers. If you have not needed a roofer yet, your home has been good to you thus far. If you have had to get anything on your roof fixed, you could probably right this section for us…With that said, its always the last thing that you think about in the repair lane. Probably because its out of sight and out of mind. That is until something happens! American Construction recommends getting a roof inspection a couple times a year. Living in Lehigh Valley, you get hit with extreme weather conditions that can be a nightmare for your roof. Hail, snow and wind can often damage your roof and cause you to need a complete new roof if not caught in time.


Next would be your bathroom…If you are not fortunate enough to live in a brand new house you can use a little Lehigh Valley bathroom remodeling in 2017. It might not take much for it to give it a new feel. Changing the wall color and getting some complementary accessories like a shower curtain, rugs and a seat cover might be all you need. BUT, if your bathroom is to small, or not functional this is where you would need to call the pros. They can help with not only the heavy lifting but the design. Ofcourse you are going to want that new soaker tub with a new granite counter top. This is not a task you want to take on by yourself.


Last but certainly not least is the kitchen..While many have updated their kitchen on their own as their DIY project. This is definitely not a task you want to take on by yourself. Often causing alot of headaches and added expenses. Nonetheless, your Lehigh Valley kitchen remodeling is worth doing and doing it right. It will not only make you fall in love with your house all over again, but it will add value in your pockets. Who doesnt like added value, so if you are selling or remodeling you will get this money back.. BUT, only if its done right!

These 3 updates can all be done by you local Lehigh Valley Contractor American Construction and Roofing. Dont hesitate to give us a call at (610) 628-9714 so we can help you with any or all of your remodeling needs.