Four Signs That Your Roof Requires Repair

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For the majority of homes in Bethlehem, PA, ceiling water damage is the first indication of a leaking roof. However, there are a few warning signs that you need roof repair before this. These local Bethlehem, PA, roofers’ tips can help you avoid spending a lot of money on water damage repairs. Here are 4 … Read more

Allentown Roofing Contractors Answers the Most FAQ About Downspouts

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When water accumulates, your gutters’ downspouts will carry it away from your home. Without functional drains, your home’s foundation and basement may be flooded. The local Allentown roofing contractors at American Construction & Roofing are here to answer the most common questions regarding gutter downspouts. Gutter & Downspout Specifics for Allentown PA Homeowners Does My Home … Read more

Keep Your Roofing in Allentown, PA Safe This Winter

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It’s critical to keep your roof ready for the impending severe weather now that the winter season is drawing near. Simple home maintenance chores can help your roof and house survive a difficult fall and winter. Here are some recommendations from your neighborhood roofing contractors in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on what to do before it gets … Read more

Our Roofing Services in Easton PA Are Top Shelf

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During severe weather, your roofing system in Easton, PA is vulnerable to damage. Every home’s roof needs to be regularly inspected because roof damage accounts for most other types of home damage. This is due to the roof’s frequent exposure to inclement weather. A conscientious homeowner inspects the roof on a regular basis, and if … Read more

An Allentown Roofers Tips for Choosing the Right Roof Color

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There are many factors that impact curb appeal, and choosing a roof color that complements your home’s design is an important consideration. At different times of day, the color of a building’s roof may have a significant impact on its appearance. Whether you live in the city or the country, the landscape surrounding your home … Read more

What Are The Characteristics Of The Best Allentown Roofers?

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Great Allentown roofers have extensive knowledge and expertise, a track record of providing high-quality installation services, and unsurpassed customer service. However, beneath these abstract traits, there are a few things you should look into to ensure you are using a reputable company, such as American Construction & Roofing.  Some of the most important criteria to … Read more

Our Easton Roofers Providing Prompt and Professional Roofing Services

For all of your roofing requirements, you can rely on the qualified experts at American Construction & Roofing. If you need minor roof repairs or a complete roof replacement, our expert Easton roofers are here to help. We’ll explain why our firm is the only roofing contractor in PA you’ll ever need, in this post. … Read more

Allentown Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Spring 2022

Allentown Bathroom Remodeling Ideas for Spring 2022

Our Allentown bathroom remodeling experts will turn your outdated bathroom into your own personal retreat! If you own an older house, chances are it contains a bathroom that may benefit from an upgrade. Unless it was already remodeled when you bought the house or you did the modification yourself, this is an upgrade that every … Read more

Easton Kitchen Remodeling Suggestions

A well-designed Easton kitchen remodeling job can elevate your house to new heights.

Every home’s heart is in the kitchen. It is the location where food is made and family and friends congregate to eat, laugh, and celebrate. You deserve an Easton kitchen remodeling makeover that meets your demands, whether you’re a busy mom making fast meals for a growing family or a gourmet chef who likes to … Read more

5 Recommendations For Your Allentown Bathroom Remodeling Project

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An Allentown bathroom remodeling project is a terrific way to add value to your house, whether you plan to sell it or stay in it for a long time. Be sure to consult with a local bathroom remodeling contractor to see what is doable for your property. Continue reading to find 5 useful bathroom renovation … Read more