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Living in Northampton County most people think about updating their kitchens, baths and basements. What happens if your Roof leaks? It could ruin all your hard work.

Dont wait until bad storms to find out your roof needs repair. Be proactive and call your local roofers. You and your home deserve the protection afforded by using quality materials and experienced installers who can handle any issue they may encounter.

This is not a DIY project as you need expertise and craftsmanship or your roof can get more damaged and result in even more home repairs.

All this from not taking your roof seriously?
YES! So clean your siding, your windows, do regular inspections of multiple house hold areas and let us worry about the roof! As the roof is the main structure of your home!

Still not convinced? Don't take our word for it, check our rating on the Better Business Bureau

What should you do?

  • Schedule annual roofing inspections

  • After a big storm, have an inspection

Dont wait for a problem!

As a roofing contractor who has been in business a longtime American Construction & Roofing, LLC has heard and seen all the roofing nightmares. Dont make the mistakes countless others have made, get a regularly scheduled roof inspection.

Roofing Services American Construction & Roofing, LLC Provides:

  • Re Roofing

  • Roof Inspections

  • Roof Maintenance
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Every client and their projects are unique. We will always strive to meet your specific needs with honest inspections and estimates that are always free and flexible to fit your schedule.

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