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Basement Remodeling

Easton Basement Remodeling

Looking to Finish Your Basement?

Owning a house in Easton, PA most people are always looking for more space in their home. After cleaning out bedrooms and family rooms their still no area for the kids, man cave or woman cave to be had. Heres where basement remodeling becomes a great option.

Amerconstruction has had the pleasure of remodeling many basements, bathrooms, and kitchens so we know exactly what to in order to get you much needed space in your home. You may be thinking to yourself I can do this myself... Indeed, in some cases you can, BUT there are many rules and regulations you may not be aware of that can put your home danger. Its not as simple as slapping up some sheet rock and paint.

Heres something to consider when thinking about basement remodeling in Easton,PA

Water Damage

Have you ever seen water in your basement? The smallest drop on the floor can lead to more larger damage. This will have to be fixed prior to the basement being finished. Depending on where the water is coming from it may be a small fix, but it could also be a large project. Either way you dont want a flood in your brand new basement.


Unless you work in the housing construction field you more than likely dont know what codes and permits needed to start doing construction. You may think its just a basement and it doesnt effect anyone else but me. This is where you are wrong. Each county and town is different and require you to do things their way. Im sure you want to make your new addition as safe a possible, so dont skip on this part.

Heating and Cooling

In Easton, NJ the Summers are hot and winters are extremely cold. On the floors above the basement im sure you have sufficient heating and cooling. Im sure you dont want to wear sweaters every time you want to relax in your new finished basement. Thus, getting Hvac work is key to your success.

In the grand scheme of things.. What you may save upfront ,may cost you big in the long run. Amerconstruction has taken the guess work and the worry out of getting a finished basement in Easton, NJ. Give us a call to schedule your free basement walk through.
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Every client and their projects are unique. We will always strive to meet your specific needs with honest inspections and estimates that are always free and flexible to fit your schedule.

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